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Kona Cindercone Frame weight and is it worth rebuilding?

320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
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HI all,

I have currently been using a Trek Ex9 for trail fun and the odd race.

I have noticed alot run hard tails for race bikes prob due to weight?

I have a Kona Cindercone 2003 model, does anyone know the weight of these frames and would it be worth stripping it down and rebuilding it with lighter weight more modern stuff say XT and lighter rims etc for a XC race bike?

Or is it just chucking money down the drain?

I have raced on it before and i like the geometry of the frame or would i be better just putting the money towards a newer more upto date hardtail for the odd XC?

Any views and comments would be appreciated.


  • fizikfizik Posts: 247
    Why dont you weigh it? i.e stand on some scales and weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding the frame. probably not worth putting xt on it as you could buy a brand new bike for not much more with full xt and better wheels etc. Dont throw the frame away make it single speed with a conversion kit, i did the same to my old scott and its cheap, fun, low maintenance and good for fitness. Could even race it for a bit of fun
  • jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185
    I am no XC racer or mechanic but - If it aint broke dont fix it

    I have always liked Konas but didnt buy one as the spec is usually pretty low.

    All bikes change each year to make money whether or not there have been any real developments. I would put the money in to one or two key weight reducing components - light wheels and SID fork perhaps? and only replalce the other bits if they need it. Stripping down whole thing and rebuild - only if you are a fanatic with money to spend and you really want to be in the shed all weekend...

    this would also be greener reading the other thread!
  • saintadolfsaintadolf Posts: 245
    its probably not a good idea to only make 2 parts of a bike superlight on a pretty sturdy frame and if you just shave a little bit weight off each part u should get a fairly light built without to much loss in strength.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    for the weight looked on Konaworld?

    they have all the specs for most years as downloads.
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  • 320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
    Thanks for the tips,

    I think i'll keep my eyes open on ebay etc and if anything decent comes up for sale i''l just replace parts as and when and see what develops, the wife uses it at the mo when we go out on the bikes.

    It does feel fairly sturdy too!
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