What bike?

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I'm moving further from work and have decided I'm going to buy a bike in order to get to work more quickly. I'll only be needing to travel about two miles (obviously on roads) and only really want to spend £200 MAX.

I might (occasionally) go into the country off-road, but probably rarely. Mainly the bike is for commuting.

Does anyone have any good ideas, or advice...

Thanks in advance.


  • ianrauk
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    You can't go wrong with a Subway Carrera 1 from Halfords at £200.
    Always got great reviews
    I have had mine for over a year now and done 1500 miles on the thing no problem at all.
  • Thanks Ianrauk, I'll have a look at that.

    Anyone else got an opinion?
  • TheBoyBilly
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    A Dawes Mirage at £189 might be up your street. It comes complete with mudguards and rack. It should also be very reliable and easily maintained. My mate has a Subway and it is a good bike too, but you will have to fork out extra for the rack, etc. which would put the price up to nearer £250. I'm not sure whether I'd want to venture too far off-road on either though. A Mongoose Rocadile hardtail (another mate uses one daily around Brighton) is a good cheap buy and with the saving you could get a set of second-hand wheels with slick tyres for the commute and still be within budget. Evans sell the Mongoose for under £160
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  • Stuww
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    I used to have a Subway Carrera and I bought one for the misses, great bikes for the money, she's still using hers on the weekends, I've upgraded to a Specialized Tricross :D

  • I decided to buy a GIANT CRS 4.0 in the end. Thanks to everyone for their comments :o)