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Cannondale Prophet Sizing

BeebokBeebok Posts: 8
edited June 2008 in MTB buying advice
hi guys,

I am anoyingly close to buying a Cannondale Prophet 2. Any ideas what the sizing is like on these?

I am 6ft tall but have always ridden smaller bikes. I have had some mates telling me to go for the medium, other people telling me to go for the large. I guess I want to be able to chuck it around a bit, but still be comfortable riding all day.

I would go and sit on both sizes, but it seems that no one has any in stock and it will be an order only item. I have found one place that has the medium in stock but it is an 1.5 hour drive away and dont want to be wasting my time, or worst still, regretting buying it.

Any thoughts or experiences??

Work smarter ... not harder.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i think you are expecting this reply but you absolutely need to at least throw a leg over one in the first place, its a lot of cash to spend only to find out it doesnt even fit.
  • BeebokBeebok Posts: 8
    yup, that was expected. Its really frustrating that nowhere has them!!

    I am currently in the process of ringing round all the cannondale dealers in a 200 mile radius!!

    Cheers for the reply though.
    Work smarter ... not harder.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i understand, i suppose the only other advice is that it would be easier to make do with a bike too small than a bike too big but it is such a lot of cash to spend on something that isnt perfect.

    until recently, all my bikes were mediums but my stumpy, willow and road bike are large sized and at 6 ft and a bit, they are much better
  • AviAvi Posts: 47
    I'm in the same boat.. from what i've managed to find out, the prophets are due to be shipped over from the USA early July time. I can;t afford to wait so i'm going for a Giant Trance.

    I'm 6'1" and have allways ridden mediums. i was going to go for a medium Trance.. managed to find one in stock an hour away and went and sat on a large.. much better!
  • BeebokBeebok Posts: 8
    Yeah think early July might be the date, think dealers can still order them in from the cannondale europe but will take about a week. Dont think they will order a medium and large in though!!

    right... managed to find a few shops that stock them, none of which have both medium and large, hmmm is it worth a 5 hr round car journey.....?
    Work smarter ... not harder.
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