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raven trail, brechfa forest

kenonekenone Posts: 113
edited June 2008 in Routes
Anyone done this yet, headin over that way for a long weekend at the end of the month.
Opens late may early june so it may not even have opened yet. Has a single pole bridge 6 metres off the ground/15 metres long :shock:
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  • mbnutmbnut Posts: 155
    Hope the trail is ok as i'm driving up from Kent on 9th july to ride there for a day... seems crazy but you never know unless you try.... look forward to hearing what you think of it cheers
  • kenonekenone Posts: 113
    my mate has put a similar post on another forum and apparently its gonna open officially on the 13th or 14thof july. im hoping its already gonna be waymarked as were going next weekend
    Get your dog off my lawn!
  • Have ridden bits of the raven trail a few times over the past couple months, last time just over one week ago on the 12th. It is going to be great when finished but as yet is not completed, there were no way marks when I rode it last. It looks like it will be a variety of constructed and natural trail, sections of it are very down hill, big table tops, drop offs and berms, wish I knew how to jump and was not such a wuss!! There are log runs and stuff and all sorts. It is a good day out if you go do all the trails in the woods, the red run down the road at Abergorlech is good fun, and even the green run has some very fast sections. The pub in Abergorlech is nice for a pint after, and the woods are real nice with good views.

    Hope you enjoy.
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