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Hi there,

I am reletively new to cycling (had to give up running) and I was thinking of 'upgrading' the piece of junk I currently have to something a little more serious. I was thinking of getting a second hand bike, basically looking for value for money, and noticed a couple of seemingly good bargins on ebay. One is a Ambrosio Celcius for £700 (new) and the other was a Colnago Dream Plus for £800. These prices represent my budget and seem pretty decent prices. Could some of you experts help to educate me as to whether these do actually represent good investments?

Many thanks in advance.


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    My advice would be to forget ebay.Go to a bike shop and see what you're buying.Look at different bikes and see if a test ride is available.You can get some good bikes for less than £800.
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    As above, go to bike shops and try as many as possible, then you will have an idea what suits you and what size you need.
    You can get a great bike for less than £800 and spend the rest on shoes/pedals/kit.
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    Does your work have a cycle to work scheme, could be worth looking into as you could avoid paying VAT, TAX and NI and therefore get a better bike for your money.If they don't it may be worth looking into on behalf of your company. Internet search on Cycle to Work will bring up several options.