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Rear disc brake catching slightly.

ZidaneZidane Posts: 140
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Hi, The rear disc brake on my Hardrock 07 sport is catching slightly on the pad, how do I adjust this please and is it a simple job ?
Also how do you correctly check the pads to see if they need replacing ? I daren't mess around with anything before asking as knowing my luck......


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have you gad a read of the stickies in the Workshop section?
  • ZidaneZidane Posts: 140
    Thanks I had a look in there. I tried altering the pad adjustment screws with an allen key and they seemed to be better until I rode my bike and when braking there was a noise like the rotor was being scraped/scratched.
    I decided to buy some new pads and have set about installing them today but think I am a bit over my head. I have the bike upside down with the wheel off but can't figure out how to get the old pads out, here is a pic I have got from the shimano site showing how to replace them. I thought it looked simple but I am a right fool when it comes to techy stuff like this so any tips would be appreciated.
    Thanks again.


    Edit - I think I might have cracked it, just need the weather to improve for a test spin.
  • switchback18switchback18 Posts: 617
    edited April 2009
    Hey. If it's catching in the same way a slight buckle in a rim would catch on v-brake pads, the disc might be slightly warped - if so, can be strightened with an adjustable spanner, but carefully!

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  • ZidaneZidane Posts: 140
    Yeah thanks, I checked the rotor and wheel and both looked true to me. I went a quick spin yesterday in the rain and the new pads performed fine, no catching, plus the shimano pads tended to squeal a bit in the rain but these don't.
    Think I am going to do the front ones as well now I have the confidence to tackle them myself.
  • ZidaneZidane Posts: 140
    Had to adjust the rear pad slightly today after I had the wheel of to fix a puncture. It works fine again now but the brake lever has to be pulled quite a bit, how do I tighten this up a little ?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    adjust the pads with the allen keys.

    but first make sure the wheel is correctly seated.
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  • ZidaneZidane Posts: 140
    Thanks that's what I have just done, seems ok now but I can't seem to get it feeling just perfect like it was when I picked it up from it's service the other day.
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