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RockShox Dart3 2007 leaking shock oil from rebound adjuster

Jcb1992Jcb1992 Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

I purchased a Scott aspect 20 at christmass and ever since it has been problem after problem first off i had to change all the brake pads as they were contaminated from when i got it out of the shop, but fixed that and the brakes worked fine.

I took it for its first service last week and they did all the normal stuff like tighten spokes and stuff. when i got it home i just left it in the garage until today when i got it out to clean it before i got it all muddy again, so did that and i found that suspension oil was leaking from the rebound adjuster, i thought that it may just be oil off the service so just wiped it off and thought nothing of it, went out for a fairly rough bike ride round some woodland but only for a mile top's and when i got it cleaned down with the hose and was cleaning it the oil from the shocks was dripping out and i dont know why it is and i dont have any experience with suspension as yet as this is my first decent bike.

Any help appreciated,

Jack B


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