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SPD-SL sticking

cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
edited June 2008 in Workshop
My SPD-SLs have got difficult to get out of, despite winding the tension all the way down.

They're the newer type with the metal contact patch. I assume its because the cleat is wearing, but the weird thing is that I also have the old type on my training bike and they are much easier to release.

I'm going to start by getting some new cleats - but does anyone have any other ideas?



  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Hmm weird, as my cleats start to wear I find they unclip themselves far too easily on my SPD-SLs
    I like bikes...

  • Have you checked your cleats are bolted tight enough to your shoes? Had a similiar problem when I switched to SPDs from Look Deltas; fixed the SPDs to my old shoes using the old Look bolts (as the Shimano ones were too short), fell off twice as I couldn't unclip :oops:

    Turns out the cleat was twisting as I tried to unclip; have now switched shoes and bolts so no more red faces! Just a thought......
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