Any Bike?

A.Gronow Posts: 14
My mate has been given an entry for this years Dragon Ride.
He's pretty fit and should complete the 120K.
However, he's only got a MTB fitted with slicks. Would he look out of place
or will there be other non "Road" bikes on the day?
As this will be my first, I couldn't help him.



  • heavymental
    heavymental Posts: 2,079
    I can't tell you although I'd imagine there will be lots of different bikes there. And hell, even if he does look out of place there's no reason to worry. Just do they say.
  • Bronzie
    Bronzie Posts: 4,927
    There's usually a few mtb's with slicks floating around - not the best ride for that particular event as it's pretty fast A-roads so a more upright position is a disadvantage.

    That said, I know a guy who can do a 24 minute '10' on his MTB with knobblies on, so it depends on what motor is fitted :wink: