Picture Upload Tutorial, Learn How.

Paul Sh
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Ok, I've noticed a few people asking ....How do i post a pic of my bike........ well, i've done a tutorial to help out those who want to post pics of their new pride and joy, if too many people don't understand this tutorial please let me know and i will try and rewrite it in simpler terms, anyway here goes.

First off go to http://tinypic.com/ (i think this is one of the easiest file sites to use) make sure the pics you want to upload are on your desk top, you will be greeted with their main page, now, click the "Browse" button.


Once you have clicked the "Browse" button another screen will appear, from this screen we can find the pics you want to upload, simply click the drop down box at the top of the new screen, it will have the words........Look In......... writen next to it, within the drop down box select.... Desktop.... you will see some new files appear, these are the files that are on your desktop, amongst these files we will find the pics you want to upload.


Now have a look through all the files until you come across the ones you want to upload,
once you find the file you want click it once only, as you can see below i called my file ..BIKE.... once you have clicked your file you can now click the button marked.....Open.....


Now that you have clicked open you will be presented with the following screen


The box next to the ....Browse..... button should now be filled with text, this shows that Tinypic as selected your file.
Now click the big green ....UPLOAD NOW....button.


Tinypic will now start to upload your file from your desktop, it may take a little time depending on your file size.
Once your file has been uploaded you will be faced with another screen. (pic below) as you can see the file has now been uploaded, all you need to do now is copy the image code including the tags and paste it into the post you are creating,30j2po8.jpg

That's it, real simple when you know how :D