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STOLEN - Scott Voltage YZ35 Nottingham. £50 Reward!

DazBuckDazBuck Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in MTB stolen
Was stolen on saturday at about 4pm outside Castle Sound & Vision on Maid Marian Way. Not seen another one around Notts either, so if you see one.. Let me know!

That's the link to the exact spec. Hadn't even gotten around to sticking anything else on!

They even cracked the Kryptonite lock, with plenty of people knocking about, so guessing these guys are pretty good at what they do.

Will gladly pay a reward in either cash or beer for anyone who can help me find it.

**Forgot to add one thing - I'd taken the wheel reflectors off - Is something I've been looking out for when doing my hawk impression looking at every bike in Nottingham!**

Call me on 07968 255502!


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