This guy should be locked up for life


  • Denny69
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    :evil: :x No he should be shot to within an inch of his life.....with a BB gun! :twisted: then have a copper pipe shoved up his backside, barbed wire threaded down the pipe and then the pipe removed :twisted: :twisted:
    Heaven kicked me out and Hell was too afraid I'd take over!!!

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  • downfader
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    Holy s***!!??

    My Brother is in mexico right now. He's forbidden from riding out there.... infact from his experiences out there he said theres massive potholes and lethal drivers all around. :(
  • dennisn
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    Having vacationed in Mexico quite a few times I can verify that "you ain't seen
    nothin' yet" when it comes to wild and dangerous driving habits. I have never even considered taking my bike with me. Just sit on the beach and pound down beers. You'll
    live a lot longer. Here in the U.S. and England we don't even come close to matching
    the Mexican people in bad driving.

    Dennis Noward
  • NWLondoner
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    HOLY S*IT that is scary!!!
  • pliptrot
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    I have to say that the levels of inattentive and slipshod driving in the US were quite a shock when I moved here (from the UK).Without wide roads and shoulders I think it unlikely cycling would survive down here in Texas.

    Every day I see driving the likes of which I have never seen in Europe. Mainly, thank God, on highways, but alarming nonetheless. You'll note that there is an claim that this driver was American. If you've driven or ridden in Texas this won't come as a surprise.
  • chuckcork
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    If you've read LA's books, you'll know he has been run off the road while training in Texas more than once and threatened for not liking it.

    I'm told by contrast in France/Spain cycling almost has religious/sacred status, I keep mentioning it to my missus in the hope she'll let me have a holiday there with the bike.
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