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Orange 5 Pro - Advice please!

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I'm thinking long and hard about splashing the cash on a 5 Pro, but would like to know if anyone has any experience of it, or know much about the competition? I've heard good things about Scott's Genius, and of course the Commencal Meta 5.....

Just need a gentle nudge in the right direction before I empty my piggy bank :D


  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Plenty of 5 owners on here with plenty of threads on this very subject. I picked up my 5 Pro just over a week ago and I think it's fantastic. However it's my first full suss so I have little else to compare it to.

    Mine is a 16" frame and with my spd's weighs 29lbs, it rides lighter than that though. I think the wheels are impressively light. Climbing is not as difficult as I was expecting though I think on long fire road slogs it's not much fun. Going up more technical stuff it beats my previous bike. And on the bumpy singletrack and fast descents it thrashes the pants off my old bike.

    There are lots to choose from like you say and going through some of the threads on here will give you a full list of it all. The Meta is supposed to be a very good bike, same with the Scott, Giant Trance, Specialized FSR etc. The best advice is to go out and get some test rides to see what suits you.
  • Yep, as above, the 5 seems to be a very popular bike at the moment.

    I've had my 5 Pro for approx. 5 months now and i love it, can't reccommend it enough. But it's not for everyone! As always, it's a good idea to try before you buy!

    I'm 6ft and approx. 15 stone, i've got an 18in frame and i find the setup ideal for me. The only thing i've changed is i've put some DMR V12s and bigger brake rotors on it.
    It's all good fun until someone loses a censored .

    2010 Orange Crush
  • I've recently got a 5SE and it's great for me. It's not as supple as my old Stumpy FSR on small bumps, but it's very direct and huge fun on the bigger bumps.

    If you do a lot of xc riding on small bumps and long slogs on tarmac or fire roads and don't do too much gnarly stuff, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you get thrills from launching off things and straight lining rock gardens you'll love a 5.
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    My 5 Pro with all the bells and whistles (M4s, RLCs, etc, etc) was a year old yesterday and I have not regretted the purchase. Awesome, awesome bike.

    This replaced my Stumpy FSR Expert '06 and the difference is vast in regards to ride, feel and performance.

    A simple but effective suspension design married with great geometry and a double hard bast@rd frame just makes this bike perfect for me and the trails I ride in the Peaks.

    The RP23 shock is that good that there seems to be no pedal induced bob and I sometimes forget to flick it back onto the pro pedal setting. In fact pro-pedal 3 is almost lockout and I generally ride on the 2 setting.

    Climbs very well, descends even better, has the ability to pick up speed.

    What i would suggest blockrockinbeats is that if you are in two minds go test the bikes. Its the only way. The Commencal gets great reviews as does the Scott. The 'dale Prophet and Lapierre Zesty have also received a great deal of praise recently.

    Do your homework, ride the bikes, raid the piggy bank, Enjoy!!
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  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    For me and other owners I know, one of the key aspects is that while this is a bike that will help you progress, get faster, get braver and do bigger things - it does this in a real accessible way. It's a bike that has no learning curve and you feel right at home the second you swing your leg over.

    I confess - for me it felt like I'd splashed out £2k worth of extra skill and ability (not because it hides poor line choices before any jumps in :P) but because it all felt so planted and hooked up giving me the confidence to stay off the brakes and maintain flow better.

    However, try everything - I know a few people have mentioned that the Five delivered nothing for them so once again fit is everything.

    I liked the line about straight lining rock gardens - nicely put!
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    See im the exact oposite, tried one hated it passionately, tried kona, Trek and jumped on the specialized stumpy FSR comp 07( bought mine last year) and was blown away how much light and faster the bike felt for the money,

    I personally didnt think to much of the orange's sus action i thought it felt basic at best and did nothing to make it out shine any other bike and with the premium of the orange name it meant i would have suffered on component.

    But as you can see alot of people like them too it really is a love/hate thing i wanted to love but couldn't. really go test a few bikes before you decide as I honestly Think the orange 5 is a love/Hate bike
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    I honestly Think the orange 5 is a love/Hate bike

    To be fair though - out of a good 20+ people that I'm aware of having tested one - you're the only one out of that 20 to dislike it.

    It's not a love/hate thing - it just happened to not work out for you...
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    Zero you been around this forum enough to have seen the million threads on it, and im not the only one, just most people are bored of typing the same thing again and again, Bar people who have nice things to say on the same topic, a quick search will show this.

    People I have met in person will agree with me, i know very few people who think its an ok bike, its either the best thing since sliced bread, or they are not fans at all(slightly General)
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    Out of interest was it an '07 or an '08 you tested?
  • marikamarika Posts: 392
    nowt wrong with em but i didn't like either,don't think the issue is whether or not people like ,its whether you like, please have a go,i perved over a cove hustler for ages,had a go and didn't like,perved over an orange 5 for ages,had a go didn't like,just cause a lot of people like something doesn't mean you should buy it
  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    I tried the Orange also - it was ok but no great shakes.

    I just find it funny how Orange owners (well some at least) seem to make the most noise about their kit, almost as if they are still not sure they really have bought the right thing and are just looking for a reassuring thumbs up from others.

    Personally I like my bike - it really suits me - and i don't really care if no one else does - so i don't bang on about it.

    Now what should I upgrade first :lol::wink:
  • I think the old adage of draw up a shortlist of what you would like, try as many of them as you can, then come to an informed judgement holds true here. I have just gone through this process settled on 4 bikes I really liked, 3 I could try, 1 was discounted over fit and feel, the other 2 Commencal 5.5 and Orange 5 were both great bikes, settled on the Orange and am really happy with it so far.
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    Cps wrote:
    I tried the Orange also - it was ok but no great shakes.

    I just find it funny how Orange owners (well some at least) seem to make the most noise about their kit, almost as if they are still not sure they really have bought the right thing and are just looking for a reassuring thumbs up from others.

    Personally I like my bike - it really suits me - and i don't really care if no one else does - so i don't bang on about it.

    Now what should I upgrade first :lol::wink:

    I appreciate the word "some" there. I don't think I've ever recommended my bike without concluding with a "but for the love of god make sure you try it first".

    I'd say there's only one Bike Radar member who owns a Five and makes excessive noise about their kit - I personally think his snobbery is actually the extent of it.
  • I've not had my 5SE long, and I'll admit, there are areas where my Stumpy Pro was/is better, but then again there are rides where I'd rather be on my Kinesis hard tail, but if I had to just have one, based on the short time I've had it, I'd pick the Orange.
    For me the Stumpy might be better for 75% of a ride but the 25% where the 5 is better is bit of the ride I'll enjoy most!

    As has been said, if you're not sure, test ride a few bikes but do it on different terrain or at least the terrain your most likely to ride and enjoy.
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    Maybe its time someone wrote a 5 review and made it a sticky....

    along with one for pads and tyres

    and one for 250 pound Freeride fulll sus with fox forks, light enough for XC and that will mainly be ridden on the road to work.....
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Mancunian what do you have strapped to your stem, is it a gps? If so which one and how do you find it?
  • Garmin Edge 305 with heart rate monitor that I haven't used since it went to 202bpm climbing out of Malham after a couple of beers!!!!!

    I use it with memory map and I find it bloomin useful.
    If I plot a new route on Memory Map and then send it to the GPS, I can then leave the map in my pocket and just follow the arrows on the Garmin. It makes doing new rides so much easier as I know I can just enjoy the ride and wait for the nav to tell me to change direction, rather than checking the map every 2 minutes.
    It also gives loads of other normal bike computer stuff. You can even race your self if you're doing a ride you've done before.
    The only down side is battery life's a bit poor at approx 6-7 hours, but it is rechargeable
    I got it form PC World for £181
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Cheers, just looking at various gps options at the moment.
  • biggazubiggazu Posts: 67
    I've had the sub 5, 2006 and 2007 orange 5, With pikes and fox 32 140mm travel. You name the rear shock ive had it on. I jumped and took a big chance from the so called brilliant orange 5. I bought a Jap censored Giant trance x with 127mm travel. Well made in tinwan. Guess what, Its fantastic. £1500 for a full bike. I had paid £1100 for a frame only on my first orange 5. Its like having a £22.0000 ROLEX. Its only a watch that tells time, As casio's at £5. Before i get kicked in the teeth. I've ridden bikes on and off road, For 28 plus year or more. God im old.
  • shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
    Before getting my Five I had a shortlist; SC Heckler, Foes fxr, Orange 5 and a Meta. In the end a Five with a great spec came up at the right price so I bought it, and it's been fantastic. It's not the best ascender, especially with the build I've got on it, ( and the fact that I'm an unfit fat censored ), but I swear it makes me ride like Peaty on singletrack and DH runs :wink:

    Just like not everyone likes BMWs, not everyone likes Oranges - if you're spending a huge amount of cash on something you should try it out first. Most of the reviews you'll find are from very happy owners and magazine journos, but some people don't get on with them for whatever reason.

    One of my mates has a Heckler and it's bloody brilliant. I don't know (or care) if it's "better" than my Five - how do you measure that anyway?
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    The end of the day on here your only going to get honest sound advice
    from people who have tried or bought and ride

    Thats why its best to take all coments and then go and try the bikes out
    Its surprising how different some bikes ride and feel
    At this price point theres not going to be a bad bike

    But its what we put our leg over which is the best bike, and ignore the censored for tat
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