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KUOTA Frame cracked!

Freo-TonyFreo-Tony Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in Campaign
Has anyone else had problems with kuota frame cracks.
I own a 2005 karma and the top tube has a crack propagating 100mm back from the stem tube .
I know of 2 other kuota frames that have cracks in the chain stays and another in the seat post .
we are in australia and are not getting any help from the local distributor .



  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    I've had my Kharma for just over three years, and not had any problems with cracking and can;t remember reading of any similar issues.

    Is it the shop you bought from or the Australian importer you;re trying to get answers from? You could try contacting Kuota direct.
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
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