Pain in the Ar$e

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It's no good after 6 months of trying to break in my Velo saddle I've given up the ghost. After 30 minutes I would feel my sciatic nerve aggravating, after an hour I would have pins and needles in my foot, after 90 minutes my lower leg would be numb. So it's off with the Velo and on with my trusty touring saddle. It don't look good and has the dimensions of an armchair. But by christ it's comfortable.


  • I didn't think Velo made all-leather saddles that needed breaking in. I thought their leather saddles were leather coating over some sort of gel base. If that's the case, they won't _ever_ break in :)

    Still, if you can't get on with a saddle after six months, I'm sure you're entirely justified in ditching it.
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    It's a very personal thing, saddles.
    I had various wide spongy gel filled saddles on a hybrid and they all hurt after an hour riding.
    My first road bike saddle was a San Marco Rolls with just a thin layer of hard foam, very comfy but a bit retro looking.
    Now i have a Planet-x superlight (cost £10) even thinner layer of foam with quite a flexible shell and it is excellent.
    Just keep to the comfy saddle and enjoy the ride.
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    I just started riding again after many years of running. I have a Specialized Gel saddle and after about an hour of riding I begin to feel it. After an hour and a half, I'm done. I'm sore enough after this that I can't get back on the back for a day and even then, I can feel some numbness in my crotch area.

    I assume this will get better over time as I ride more but I'm wondering how long I should stay at it before I try a different saddle?
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    it took you 6 months to reach that conclusion? you're a harder man than me...