Loose chippings AAGH!

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It seems to be the start of the loose chipping season here in West Sussex. Does anyone else just turn round and try to find another route when encountered?


  • Bronzie
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    They are the Devil's work I tell ya.

    My favourite is when they try to lay them when it's really hot and the chippings just sink into the old tarmac leaving a pair of tar slicks either side of the white line...........which is why I'll never buy a white frame :wink:
  • pictit
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    A 1.5 mile stretch of road between New Winton and Pencaitland [near Edinburgh].A year ago they did this type of 'resurfacing on the cheap'.From the moment they did it the road was worse than when they started.Large patches never 'took' with the chips simply being 'washed' away by traffic or bunching into ripples.There must be a claim in against the contractors as the whole thing was botched and the warning signs are still up.I really do wonder why this type of crappy resurfacing is done cause it never,in my experience,makes for a better road surface.But then again,even if they actually do a 'real' resurfacing job its usually crap too!.Why are our roads so bad?.
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    tis that season round here too. Two 1/2 mile sections on the way into work this morning, one moment I nearly sh@ myself by taking a corner too fast onto these chips (would've been fine had they not been there), then I had to avoid the little buggers being flicked up by cars!
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    And why is it done so randomly, there is a bit near a village on one of my routes, long sraight road, first half mile is done, middle half mile not and next half mile done.
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  • I took my shiny new bike out for its first run on Saturday only to encounter them spraying that crappy pretend tar on the road. How inconsiderate! Managed to dodge the worst of it fortunately - they were going for the patchwork approach.
  • Rich Hcp
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    Awful, makes the surface as rough as hell.

    Keep stopping to pick stones from tyres before they work through :evil:

    They seem to be doing it on all the nice quiet lanes of North herts, ggrrrrrr

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  • Smokin Joe
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    Rode over two miles of the God awful stuff on Sunday. A stone became lodged in the teeth of one of the sprockets causing the chain to just roll over it. I thought the freehub had packed up till I changed gear and it picked up the drive again. If they are going to surface a road by pebbledashing it the least they could do is run a roller over it afterwards.
  • Red Rock
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    Surface dressing :evil:

    I hate the bloody stuff. It damages my car, my bike and it's dangerous. I've come off my bike on the stuff and been cut from gravel thrown up by passing cars. The stuff dosen't last more than a week or so before it starts coming of, making the road bumpy as hell. If there's one thing I'd like the CTC to campaign for it's the banning of surface dressing of roads.

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  • thexvw
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    They do random bits because first of all its cheaper, and secondly the council have to do some sort of skid test on roads every so often, and if it falls below a certain level they have to resurface the road, even though it looks like there is nothing wrong with it.

    The other day I foolishly rode on about 20m of freshly laid tarmac (proper stuff) and really regretted it, spent ages wiping it off my tyres when I got home as well as stopping a few times on the way to pick a load of gravel off.
  • st68
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    they stonechipped one of my favourite training hills now its twice as hard to ride up :cry: :x
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  • Alibran
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    They did a stretch of road near here yesterday, and it's already put me off riding one of my favourite routes.
  • keebo
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    Surface dressing as described above is cheap, nasty and downright dangerous. Here in Northern Ireland, the Roads Service is obsessed with doing things on the cheap with the result that we have miles and miles of beautiful roads that have been totally ruined by this nasty process. It amazes me when I go to rural Spain or France that the authorities there can maintain minor mountain roads which are subject to extremes of weather without resorting to this surface dressing nonsense.

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  • JC.152
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    I went out couple of weeks ago for some training in the hills around me when i found about 6 miles just resurfaced with chippings which made everthing a lot harder.
    I remember as well, a club ride last year when big gaps were made between people on a hill they had just finished "resurfacing"
  • GeorgeShaw
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    It's because of years of squeezing council budgets. When there's more cuts to make, it's an easy budget to eat into. And over a generation (or more) we get the roads that we have (and are prepared to pay for).
  • hammerite
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    thinking about it I've seen no end of signs up round this way warning of road "resurfacing" in the next few weeks (but not giving specific dates) I was starting to get impressed with the amount of work they were planning to do. I bet they are just spraying the road with these stones :x
  • il_principe
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    Argh I hate em, did London - Brighton - London on sat and there was a huge stretch of them, thankfully my bike appears to be unscathed though. They are sodding dangerous if taken at speed as well.