New chain and sprocket advice please

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I'm not very confident about tinkering with my bikes and I've not made any changes to my pompino since i got it 18 months ago but it now urgently requires a new chain (it has become quite rusty and developed some stiff links and has come off twice now in potentially dangerous circumstances i.e. pelting downhill) - the one that is on it is 1/8".

I was looking at Sheldon Browns' website and notice that he recommends a 3/32". The chainring is a 48 tooth Truativ and i've always noticed that the chain never seems to centre on the chainrings - it is always at the outer side. Presumably this is to do with the wider gaps in the chain.

Which one would you recommend? I'm looking for a decent quality one. I don't have a chaintool either - any recommendations for this as well?

Also, i find that i never use the 20 sprocket (it is a double fixed hub with 20/18 sprockets) and would like to replace it with a 17 or 16. What tools do i need to remove the lockring and replace the sprocket? Any recommendations on tools/sprockets?

Thanks in advance


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    While there are, so I'm told!, specific lock nut tools (a sort of C-spanner I assume), a small drift/engineers chisel and a hammer will do the job. And then a chainwrench for the sprocket. As to a replacement....decide your price and just choose. Probably one of the few components where higher price DOES equal higher quality! Probably goes for a chain splitter also!
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    The Truvativ chainring will be 3/32 but the original rear sprocket will probably be 1/8 so if you want to change to a 3/32 chain you will need a matching 3/32 sprocket.
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    hubjub do a hozan lockring tool, it's the bees knees. take of lockring, then stamp really hard backwards on the pedals to loosen sprocket.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    In the end i took it to my LBS who put on new 3/32 sprockets 18 and 16 and a new 3/32 chain and sorted out the chainline and tension (a lot more tension than i could ever get) and my slightly dodgy brakes....

    I'll take it on a run tomorrow and see how it goes.

    It will be nice to go down a hill again with a bit of confidence.