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Campag 9 Spd Set Up

dav_safcdav_safc Posts: 59
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I have had a vexing morning trying to sort out the rear gears on a Mirage equipped bike. I thought you could do this solely with the barrel that comes out of the back of the mech. I can go to the low gears from the middle of the cassette and back down to the samllest sprocket. The problem ccomes when I try to move from the smallest sprocket to the second smallest. It just about to this after a minute or so. Far too sluggish for even my modest needs. Is there something I am missing ~ cable tension or something ?
Any help appreciated.


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,247
    It sounds like your top gear limiter might be out. On the mech, you'll see two screws, marked High and Low. If the High one's set wrong, then the starting position of the mech will be wrong, so when you shift the gear, it will not move far enough to get onto the second cog. I'd advise removing the chain, shifting into the smallest sprocket, and looking how the cogs on the mech line up with the sprocket. If they don't, adjust the screw until they do.
    While you are checking this, you can also check that the cable tension is ok. The cable shouldn't have any slack in it when it is in this position, otherwise the first move of the lever will just be taking up slack rather than shifting the chain. Also check that the mech isn't bent.
    Once you've done all this, if it's still not right, let us know, because if could be something really interesting!
  • campagchriscampagchris Posts: 773
    The way I set mine up is to loosen the cable,turn the barrel adjuster all the way to the right as you look to the bars.Then tighten the cable,push your lever to change to 2nd smallest sprocket it should rattle,then turn the adjuster slowly to the left till it engages the sprocket and that should do the trick.It works for me.
    It can be a right swine if you go half a turn too far.
  • dav_safcdav_safc Posts: 59
    Thanks for the help folks. I had another vexing hour or so trying to make some progress. As previously maximum swearing minimum progress. So resorted to LBS on Monday. Picked up today. Apparently the cable or at least the cable sheath close to the barrel had a pretty bad kink in it. Thus impeding any hope of me sorting out myself.
    I will try to retain the info your passed on for future use.
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