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Just to say hello to people here really. I used to be quite keen on biking in my teenage years and slowly drifted away from the scene with work and marriage etc.

Anyway I decided to buy a new bike. I had a Marin Rift Zone that has reached it's 10th birthday and after a few years not really riding I decided to open the wallet and purchase a Specialized XC FSR Pro.

What I can say is that times certainly seem to have moved on over the last 10 years. Suspension seems to be helping me instead of bogging me down. I instantly feel as though i'm fitter on a new set of wheels 8)

I also decided to switch from flats to clipless and I love em (forgetting about that slight fall that I had! :lol: )

I do get the feeling that the wife thinks i'm mad but never mind, i'm glad to be back.


  • Anonymous
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    welcome, nice bike too.
  • fcumok
    fcumok Posts: 283
    thank you :D I went mad choosing it but after looking at loads came back to this which was the first bike I saw.
  • Anonymous
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    welcome back :D
  • Mike Gill
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    I have recently bought the same bike; same reaction from wife too. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  • fcumok
    fcumok Posts: 283
    I love it. Only disappointed that its pouring down this morning. Didn't really fancy getting that muddy.
  • LordBanks
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    How do fella.

    Aye, i looked out the window this morning, and its pouring down :cry:

    Don't mind if it starts raining when i'm already out, but it seems wrong to start the ride in the rain.
  • BigStu2
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    Nice bike to hit the trails with again, no good about the rain though, ranging between 22 and 26 degrees C the last two weeks over here, friggen fantastic.
  • stumpyjon
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    Don't mind if it starts raining when i'm already out, but it seems wrong to start the ride in the rain.

    Seconded, although I do feel like I've had a good ride if I come back covered in mud, gives the neighbours something to laugh at anyway.

    fcumok, welcome both to the forum and the specialised owners club, two good choices :D .
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