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Identiti: Krisis or dr jekyll ?

henrequehenreque Posts: 28
edited May 2008 in MTB buying advice

i have a mate who works for a bike shop who is able to get me either of these frames for much less than the rrp and i wandered which one you rate best.

my riding:
occasional trail use
some light xc/offroad riding
town commuting
street riding/urban assault
maybe dirt jumps if i pluck up the courage :wink:
defiantely local 4X track

however, the dr jekyll would be the xl version (the gunmetal grey one), and so not too differnt geometry wise from the krisis i believe.

any opinions from people who know about these frames or use them welcomed!

Identiti krisis of dr jekyll xl as an "allrounder" hardtail? 0 votes

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dr jekyll xl
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  • rob colerob cole Posts: 706
    well the Dr. Jekyll is way too short for trail riding, i found mine an excellent play bike but no good for longer rides, even the XL is still a very short bike compared to more all rounders

    can't comment on the Krisis.....

    I would strongly suggest looking at a frame like the Cove Stiffee or Mythic Scirocco...
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    krisis for 4X

    Dr J for most things dirt and street.

    commuting and XC something else.
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