Cut in tyre - should I replace?

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Yesterday, when pumping up my rear tyre, I found a small cut, about 1cm long, in the tyre wall, near where the valve is on the inner tube. I think I know how it happened. On Wednesday, I felt the back wheel "skip" slightly, and heard a ping noise like a stone flicking out from under it. I meant to stop and investigate in a safe spot, but forgot about it later.

The cut is very small, and I've done 60-70 miles since it happened with no problems, but I'm wondering if I should replace the tyre. (I'm planning to deflate the tyre when I have time tomorrow to see if it's right through.) Even if it isn't right through, I assume it represents a weak spot in the tyre, and if something were to happen to catch it at that point the tube is more vulnerable and likely to puncture.

I was hoping to stick with the current tyres until autumn, then replace with a degree of puncture protection - no need for overkill. Is this still realistic, or should I be replacing them now? Either way, what tyres would you recommend for some puncture protection, but without being ridiculously slow? Thanks.


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    If you want to keep using the tyre for a while and the cut is not all the way through, just superglue the outside and put a thin patch on the inside. If it is going to worry you then replace the tyre.
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    Is it a proper cut or does it look like more of a scratch? If it's a proper cut you can tell as the whole thing opens up quite a bit. I've got a couple of longer cuts on my tyres, but they are just on the surface. Smaller (2-5mm) deep cuts can just be superglued and the surface stuff I tend to pretty much ignore. Never had problems so far.