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Clicky bottom bracket.

fizzfizz Posts: 483
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I've got an annoying clickng coming from I think my bottom bracket.

Its a 2007 10 Speed Shimano 105 Hollotech II Bottom bracket and a standard double chainset.

Its been into the LBS and they checked it over and said there was dirt and road grime in an around the crank arm area. they striped and cleaned it all and to be fair it was OK when I got it back.

3 weeks later its started again, two or three clicks every pedal revolution. Its worse when I have pressure on the pedals, i.e when standing up climbing.

I've checked

My cleats are done up tight
My pedals are clean with no grit on them and area also tight to
The chain ring bolts are tight

The click is there if I put the bike on my turbo trainer and just spin the pedals round with no chain on.

I've swapped my cleats and pedals with a different set off another bike, and it still does it.

If I pedal on the road in just my trainers instead of my cycling shoes I get the same symptoms.

Bikes done approx 3500 miles in total.

Is it just more dirt rubbing up against the bearing shells or is it worn out or something else.


  • paulbriceypaulbricey Posts: 84
    Just fixed a clicking on my Cinelle MM (only done 1500 miles) .....identical symtoms, worse when standing on pedals on climbs, almost ok on the flat...noisy if I leant forward and just rocked bars sideways started off sounding like headset creak (I had this on previous bike) so i greased and retightened with no improvement.....then I changed the pedals across form other bike as they were feeling rough....then convinced myself it was BB (Centaur Ultra Torque) so ordered removal tool from Ribble....Ribble sent the BB screw by mistake...while waiting I started tinkereing again and switched front wheel from other bike - amazingly noise disappeared !......So I oiled the spokes and skewer on the front wheel (Campag Eurus) and now it's peace again ...... my experience when it sounds like the BB, it's usually the last thing to attack, just swwap and fiddle with the less obvious (but easier) stuff first...
  • fizzfizz Posts: 483

    I've been round the bike and tightened all the loose bolts up :oops: Seat post and stem steerer bolt were loose, tightened the front mech clamp to.

    Took the pedals off cleaned the threads on the pedals and cranks, regreased thread and refitted.

    Took the chain rings off, cleaned them and the chain ring bolts and greased the bolts and refitted and the click has gone.

    Result !!
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