Bulking up grips

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Can i overlay new bar tape on top of old, or is there a better way to "fatten" the bars?


  • Nickodemus
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    I don't know how well that would work if you were to put a lot of force on the grip; whether they'd slip or not.....not sure.

    You could try this bar tape which comes with gel pads that stick to the bars underneath the tape..... http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... 5360017408

    There are probably other manufacturers of this kind of thing...
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    yeah 2 layers is not uncommon.

    AN alternative is to buy a tape that has gel pads inserts to be placed on the barrs then have the tape wound over it. Good cushioning and grip. I have the Fizik Bar Gel tape on one bike an like it a lot.
  • Siechotic
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    Fizik Bar Gel is the best wrap IMO, but if you want to go FAT, you could try Specialized PHAT Tape, it comes in several thicknesses to choose from.
  • gavintc
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    Specialized also do little gel inserts. I have them on my commuter. You put them on the bar before doing the wrap.
  • topdude
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    Hi, if you have Shimano with just the brake cables running under the tape try this.
    Make it into a fat oval grip by running something round the back edge of the bars from the hoods to the end point near the stem.
    I have used thin plastic tubing or foam draught excluder strip, both worked really well.
    Fix this in place with insulating tape and use some good foam or gel bar tape over the top.
    You end up with a very comfy fat oval grip.
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    I'll second the draught excluder, works well. You could also run slightly bigger tyres, 25mm are more comfortable than 23mm.

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  • jed1978
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    thanks guys

    really a choice between changing grip tecnique/bulking grips/wearing gloves

    hands are quite big and feel that the bars could do with being slightly thicker.
  • System_1
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    Nothing wrong with two layers of tape. On the commuter I have the 2.5mm Specialized Gel inserts, then one layer of cheapo Deda tape with a layer of Specialized Bar Phat tape on top of that. I do have have HUGE hands though.