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brooks saddle , bedding in.

toslowtoslow Posts: 85
edited May 2008 in Workshop
just read through another posted topic about these brooks saddles .
I have been looking at them in my local bike shop because everyone says they are really comfortable and of a great quality.
The quality is easy to see but my question is about ' breaking in ' . Now i can buy one that has supposedly one years breaking in equivalence . Does this mean to buy the slightly cheaper ' unbroken ' model i am going to have an uncomfortable ride for a year ?. Because let's be honest compared to a modern saddle they look like a thing of torture.


  • Chris JamesChris James Posts: 1,040
    It depends on your censored . I found mine to be okay initially and very comfy later. The saddle breaks in to your censored shape so I would go for the cheaper option.
  • andrewgturnbullandrewgturnbull Posts: 3,861
    I think they break in gently over the first 20 years or so...
  • fatfreddyfatfreddy Posts: 332
    I had a B17 about 20 years ago - horrible thing like a lump of concrete and swore I never have another. Then the missus bought me a B17 titanium in honey last Christmas for a bike I was building up. It looked ..... nice .... and so I gave it a go. Surprisingly comfortable straight out of the box. Firm but seemed to work. So much so that I've just bought a B17 Champion Flyer special (whatever - it's got springs) and stuck it on my Inbred and it's great.

    A word of warning though - Brooks seem to have less for and aft adjustment than most saddles - I had to change seatpost to get more layback.
  • meanwhilemeanwhile Posts: 392
    It depends on your ars*. I found mine to be okay initially and very comfy later. The saddle breaks in to your ars* shape..

    No, it's the other way around...
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