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Assos F1 Uno shorts

RamanujanRamanujan Posts: 352
edited May 2008 in Workshop
Just want to say that I've never owned a pair of decent shorts before . The best I've had were a pair of Endura's I bought from Wiggle a year or so ago. Cost about 40 or 50 quid. I thought they were the business. Very comfortable and have taken a serious amount of abuse.
I was a bit dubious that Assos could top them, but when I saw Ribble selling F1 Uno's for just over £50, I thought I'd give them a go.
Well, what can I say.? They are unbelievably comfortable.
In a different league altogether to the Enduras. They really do fit like a proverbial glove and the pad is just amazing.
I can see now why people rave over the Assos shorts.

So, if anyone is thinking of getting a decent pair of shorts, deffo get some Assos.


  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Oh yes. They are aren't they. You got them for a bargain. Enjoy!
  • HarryBHarryB Posts: 197
    I was worried it was hype until I bought a pair last year. 5 I now have 3 pairs. They really are the best.
  • nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
    I bought 2 pairs from Ribble at the same bargain price. They are amazing!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I must have a non discerning butt then.

    They're well made, but certainly no comfier than my other shorts and I think I prefer my trisuit with minimal padding in.
  • CoyoteCoyote Posts: 212
    I hear from a buddy of mine that the new 08 model with the waffle pad is even better!
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