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Damned discs!!

Psy43Psy43 Posts: 7
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I'm having some trouble with my rear hope mini. I've got it running on a dmr sidekick with horizontal dropouts which isn't ideal. Basically, after a bit of a ride the pads start to rub heavilly on the disk. When the bike is left for a while (not sure how long exactly) it stops rubbing anywhere near as bad. I'm assuming this has something to do with heat building up somewhere.

It used to rub quite a bit before but I let a bit of fluid out to allow the pistons to retract further and it works alright...when cold.

Actually, the whole set up is a bit pants. While it modulates fine it never really locks on with any force and its a bit on the spongy side - could there be some air in the system?

Its driving me nuts. Any advice?


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    Is it a reasonable age because it sounds like it could be a couple of problems both of which would be resolved with a service: sticky pistons and a bit of air in the system. You can do it yourself for the price of a seal kit and some fluid if you know what your doing, or get your lBS to do it if not.
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  • Psy43Psy43 Posts: 7
    Yeah it is a few years old now. Most definitely time for a service. I went for a ride yesterday - got about 5miles from home when it got stiff and i had to ride home like I had the brakes feathered.
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