Tyre size question - 700x23 vs. 700x25???

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Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but I have just purchased a pair of new road tyres (Bontrager race lite) which are size 700x25. I have just been out to fit these new tyres only to find that the old tyres on the bike are 700x23.
Can I use the new tyres on my rims? What is the difference to the ride?
Any advice gratefully received as I want to go out in the morning!!


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    Yes, you will be able to fit them to the wheels, the question is will you then be able to fit the wheels back on your bike!. You should be ok although frame clearence may be a little tight in places. I have moved to a hybrid 23\25mm Roubaix tyre on my allez, I thought they were more comfortable with little or no loss in speed.
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    It is fine to use the 25s. Your rims will take anything from a 20 up to at least a 28. The 25s will be ever so slightly wider than your 23s and will actually probably be a bit more comfortable. If you are replacing the ones that came on your bike, depending on make and model you might notice a big difference as on lower end bikes the stock rubber is not usually great.

    You will find a good number of people running 25s as they are a nice balance between speed and comfort. Some even say that a correctly inflated 25 will be quicker than a 23.

    Stick them on, and enjoy your ride in the morning.
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    They'll fit on the rims, and they'll probably feel better, personally I prefer 25s over 23s.
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    Fantastic! Thanks very much all of you. I'll be getting up early to fit the 25's!!
    Cheers :D
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    I have a 23 front and a 25 back - not sure why, really (well, the bike came with 25s, replaced the back a year or so ago but only replaced the front during the winter) though it works fine for me! I was reading, though, that for braking stability, a 25 front and 23 back would make more sense as it's the front that does the great majority of the braking (at least in emergency-type situations - the back brake will lock and become useless beyond a certain pressure).