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New Full Suss £1400 limit

OwenCBOwenCB Posts: 125
edited May 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi, I've been shopping around for a new full suss bike as I've a few back problems and I'm looking for a comfier ride.
My local bike shops stock, Giant, Marin, Specialized, Trek and Cube of which I can test ride any of the latter four manufacturers bikes for a small charge.
I've a maximum limit of £1400 and if I can would like to get something competent for less if possible. I know my options will be limited in the Marin range and I really like the look of the Cube Stereo 18, but was hoping some more experienced heads may be able to offer some further advice.
I mainly ride cross country, and stuff like the North Face Trail at Grizedale but nothing too heavy and I would like something not too heavy as I'm already 18 stone and don't like humping my bulk up hillsides let alone a tank of a bike!

Any advice would be massively appreciated




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