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Suntour XCR forks what are they like?

NutbucklesNutbuckles Posts: 3
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I am getting a fairly inexpensive bike that has Suntour XCR shocks with lockout (handlebar operated). What are they like and what type of riding can I use them for? I will be only doing light offroading and no jumping until I get more experienced, are they acceptable for entry level? -the rest of the bike has a complete shimano alivio groupset, no-name aluminium frame and is gonna cost about 250 pounds


  • James_FJames_F Posts: 137
    They're pretty popular on entry level bikes. They are good for a budget fork and will be perfect for light off road use, although I know someone who uses them on trail centre black routes and they've held up very well
  • hastingshastings Posts: 206
    I've heard that they vary from fork to fork so you should try them out first but mine have held up really well
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    Entry level is fine. I had the lockout ones from a couple of years back and although they're a bit quick to go through the first quarter of travel they did me proud. I replaced mine with Rebas after a bottoming out, up and over situation but, frankly, I knew I was riding close to the limits of the forks so it's my fault.

    They'll certainly tide you over while you work out whether or not you need more from your forks, at which point you can either buy a new bike more suitable or get more suitable forks for your riding.
  • NutbucklesNutbuckles Posts: 3
    Thanks alot!
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