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Punctures !!!!

Leeds_FellaLeeds_Fella Posts: 6
edited May 2008 in MTB beginners
Hi all,

Newish MTB'er, done ~ 250 milesbike on my new trek 6300 and had my first pucture a few miles ago, replaced tube and since have had 3 other punctures, same rear tyre, different tubes, the last one within half a mile of riding this evening.

The last one seems to be in a different part of the tyre. I have checked the tyre inside and out before using the new tube. Tyres are inflated v well etc.

Is it me, bad luck or do I have a dodgy tyre. Tyre is a Bontrager Jones XR

Any help / advice appreciated or the is on ebay !


  • LordBanksLordBanks Posts: 358
    could be a loose bit of glass/thorn etc thats moving each time you fix the puncture, give it a proper check over for anything sharp. Failing that, get some slime, great stuff.
  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Maybe the rim has a small spur on the inside of it or a spoke is showing through the rim tape?
  • LordBanksLordBanks Posts: 358
    Larok has a valid point there fella, i got my bike, got a puncture second day, when i took the tube out, the hole where the valve goes through had a nasty bit of jagged metal where it had been drilled out and not filed down kosher.
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