Guide book for planning rides in the Alps/Pyranees

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.. is there one?

I'd like to plan a trip at the end of the summer and wondered if there was such a book suitable for cyclists to find their way around some classic climbs ...


  • peter_andrew
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    How about the tour de france route for any year you care to menention
    You could also go for the brilliant and hilarious book by Tim Moore called French Revolutions, where he cycled the whole tour route the same day or was itn the day before. Although not exactly a guide it gives you good pointers and some history of the drama on some of the classic climbs.
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    There are lots of sites that provide profile and route details of the cols of both the Pyrenees and Alps, and there is also a range of books suitably titled "Altas des Cols des Pyrenees - Altigraph Edition" which is a very useful guide. It is only in French (as far as I know) but the information is very clear and easy to understand even if you don't speak French.

    There are 4 different versions that cover the Pyrenees going from the west to the east.

    Independent or supported cycling holidays in the French Pyrenees
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    The classic road climbs of the Pyrenees by Graeme Fife is worth a look, but it's hardback, so not the sort of thing you can stuff in your jersey pocket.
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    A good way is to look at some of the Sportiv routes, plenty of info on the forum.

    Lots of info on Russells site (haven't seen him post for a while)
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    Try these (from

    Guides for cyclists to both major mountain ranges in France. Maps, profiles and numerous gradient percentages. Best used in conjunction with a good sheet map of the area, such as Michelin or IGN series, so you can get a better idea of where the cols are in relation to each other.