can anyone help me with sizing

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hi all, i've been a keen mtb'r for years and have just started using a road bike for commuting/training. the bike im using at the minute though isn't well sized to me (frames on the large size) and so now im going to treat myself to a decent one that fits. i understand that the best way is to sit on as many as possibe and see which feels right but im just after a general idea for now. any help is greatly appreciated
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    I am 6ft 1 and have a 21 inch mountain bike frame. I have just bought a 58cm bike but the dimensions are close to most 56cm frames.

    With road bikes you really need to go check out a frame sizing for reference of probably each type i.e. more race style straight top tube and the more relaxed slightly sloping top tube. Then check the actual sizing for dimensions between frames....they vary quite a bit hence no one will really be able to give a definitive sizing due to the fact its also personal. Some guys want a more relaxed fit others want a more stretched out race position. See what you feel comfortable with.