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Because I have the good fortune to work from home, these days I only cycle for pleasure. So I don't normally cycle in the rain. But recently it's been a case of cycle in the rain or stay home :( I guess the Spring has to come eventually, but not much sign of it round my way.

Since I last cycled regularly in bad weather, my eyesight has got to the stage where I couldn't safely cycle without my specs, and yet in the rain they soon get splattered to the extent of being as bad as not having them.

This may sound like a stupid question, but has anybody else with specs found a way to stop their visibility going to hell in heavy rain? Or do you just put up with it?

Best wishes

PS. I'm allergic to contact lenses and I can't afford to have my eyesight adjusted by lasers. Sadly.


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    The thumb section of my gloves is made of a different material to the finger sections and it's meant to be used as a wiping surface. I use it for my nose but you might find it works for glasses too, perhaps.

    Although in the rain, I imagine it would get saturated fairly quickly.
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    Have you tried daily disposable contact lenses?
    I failed to get on with normal lenses, the cleaning fluids didn't agree with me, but I have no trouble with dailies. Just bung a pair in and ride - brilliant :D
    The next time you ride just stick in a nice fresh new pair. the rest of the time I wear glasses.
    If you're stuck with glasses then getting some prescription sports glasses might help. The wrap around style seems to shed water better at least in heavy rain.
  • I use a moutain bike type helmet with a peak, it keeps most of the water off my spec's.
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    Prescription swimming goggles?? :wink:
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    I just stop every now and again and use a glass cleaning cloth - you can buy treatments - the same that bikers use on their visors - to help the rain to run off. It's a pain - especially trying to decend with misty specs!
  • On a motorcycle I use a glove with a built-in windscreen wiper on the thumb. It works really well. The problem with cycling is that I get rain on the _inside_ of my specs as well as the outside :(
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    you can get various chemical treatments that stop motorcycle visors misting up and also allow water to run straight off. Also you can get liquids that you polish your car windscreen with that make the water slip straight off. Either of those might be worth trying - good luck.
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    I think Oakley do a treatment for glasses and sunglasses to help make them more water resistant but I don't know whether it works or not.
    I use Specilized Helix sunglasses with a prescription insert which have been much better than normal glasses i was using last year.
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    Helmet with a peak for me, and avoid fog at all costs, its a bitch, 10 metres and you have to wipe your specs again :cry:
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    I used to have the same problem, but then I got cataracts - was blind as a bat for a while, but after the operations I didn't need glasses any more. Not much help for you like.
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    Sea Drops, its used by divers to stop there goggles fogging, I used to use this on ski goggles and it worked pretty well. http://beaversports.co.uk/catalogue/mcnett/mcnett.htm (scroll down)
    If its not fogging and just water droplets causing the problem then Rainex (get it from Halfords) is pretty good but not sure it would do glasses much good.
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    I have the same problem with sunglasses or clear cycle glasses.

    There was a guy at a hill climb last weekend who had prescription cycle glasses. He didn't seem to have problems on the hot ride up and change to cold downhill return to HQ. Not sure what happens in the rain though. :?

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