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'Shrinking' a bike. Advice please.

elcanielcani Posts: 280
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I'm refurbing a Saracen Maxtrax for my girlfriend to use, but the bike is currently a bit big for her (she's 5,5'). I think it's a 17' frame and the main problem is the riding position is too stretched. The existing stem is quite long (maybe 130mm), so changing that should help. Any body know of any decent cheap, short stems? Will a 50mm stem make the bike very twitchy?

I need to replace the chainset as well and was wondering whether it would be better to have 170mm or 175mm cranks?

Any advice on those two issues and any other tips for 'shrinking' a bike would be very much appreciated.

Thansk in advance.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    go shorter on the stem yes. but maybe a correct sized frame will do her better rather than putting her off riding through a poorly fitted bike.

    Most of the parts will swap over and if you are looking at changing the crank set anyway...
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  • elcanielcani Posts: 280
    Thanks nicklouse. At the moment this is a 'minimal budget' operation. The bike has been rotting in a damp garage for about five years and rather than throw it away I thought I'd get it going again. The frame is the best bit.

    She already has a Trek 7.3 FX hybrid that she loves, so it won't be her only bike and she's aware that it might not be a good fit. If we can't make it comfortable for her but she likes off-road riding, then we'll find a better solution and I'll pass the bike on to some who fits it.

    Any idea of a good stem to get?
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