Had to happen sometime...

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Six-ish weeks in to my new commute and it finally happened this morning. Coming up the cycle bridge at the SECC in Glasgow, moved over to make room for a cyclist coming down the hill and my back wheel hit something slippery (probably the white line painted between the pedestrian lane and cycle lane). Next thing and I'm lying on my back checking that nothing is broken (just my pride it seems - though I have a nice bruise where I took a handlebar to the thigh).

To the guy (the one coming down the hill) who stopped and spent five minutes helping me up and checking over my bike, a HUGE thank you, that really was very kind :D

And the twisted front wheel that had me thinking how fortunate it is that I took out insurance last week... turned out to be just a battered mud guard. Took it off, put it back on, all is right with the world again.


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    Glad to here you are ok JoeSoap.

    Did a similar thing in Co-op car park, a tub of marg took the brunt of the impact for me!

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    Painted lines and metal drain covers are the bane of 2 wheeled vehicles.
    A right-hander near the end of my commute becomes a chicane on wet days as I avoid two closely spaced metal access covers...
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