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A2Z Cool Bomb -

wmcwmc Posts: 259
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I'm always intrigued by new inventions, so when I saw this I was a bit curious.

I'm due to go to the Alps this year & can be a bit heavy on the brakes (due to ride the Megavalanche for the first time & heard it cooks brakes!), so looking around for ideas.

The design looks a bit fragile i.e. sticks out ready to be ripped off. I also can't understand how the hot fluid in the calliper gets into the aluminium heatsink unless it's through convection of the fluid?! Wouldn't an inline system close to the calliper be better? Or duct air towards the calliper?

Your suggestions & ideas (other than "don't brake so much") please gents. Oh yeah, I'm running 203mm Juicy 7's with 'freshly bled before I leave for France' 5.1 in them. ... d=t3qWyvn4


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    dont worry about your brakes and dont bother with the cool bomb. it is not new it has been around since bikes got hydros. seen many?
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