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help with a few boardman probs

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Hi all

I need some advise on a few niggly little problems with my Boardman comp please

1 : The steering has become a wee bit notchy recently, the bike still rides fine but when you lift the front wheel off of the floor and turn the bars in doesn't feel smooth any more! It has acording to the spec got semi intergrated cartridge bearings? Can these be serviced or will they need replacing? also how do I know what to order?

2 : The SRAM SX5 front shifter has developed a sticky spot when pushing the larger lever to go up to the next bigger front cog, and sticks in the forward position? I have to flick it back with my index finger and if I dont notice it hasn't sprung back fully it wont let me shift down! I'm sure the fault is in the shifter not the cable or front mech.

3 : On a recent pre Peak district service I noticed that one of the rear wheel bearing collars ( not sure what they are called but the threaded collar that fits on the spindle and fits up against the bearings ?) Has some marks on it. The bearing shell in the wheel seems ok and so do the bearings. The spec says the hubs are Formula disc,super smooth sealed bearings? Can I buy a replacement collar and bearings before any damage is done to the rest of the hub? And again what would I need to order?

I have owned the bike for about 8 months so would I be able to get any of this under warranty do you think??

Thanks in advance


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    has it been serviced yet?

    have a read of parktools for the headset.

    gears sound like the cables need a clean.

    and the hub what? does it stop it working? whats the problem?
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  • FENNERFENNER Posts: 94

    Not been serviced in a shop but I am very thorough with the maintenance myself I always clean,lube,strip/regrease wheel bearings,clean cables as per instuction video on this site(clean cables after every other ride), even strip out jockey wheels on rear mech and clean/regrease at regular intervals. Not had any probs with the gear change up to now untill the lever started to stick?

    Headset : I'll have a look at park tools ref the headset

    Hub : The marks on the collar can be felt with your fingernail so I'm worried that the bearings and eventualy the shell in the hub will be damaged as a result.The wheel seems ok when fitted and isnt noisy but when you spin it in your hand while holding the spindle you can feel notchy-ness (is that a word ?)

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    How old is the bike? To be honest it sounds like it all just needs a thorough service. The shifter may need a spot of lube in there, the headset bearings should be easily replaced or serviced (the cartridge bearing will have a number on it), and if you are wrooied about the bearing cone, again, order a replacement. Halfords can get all this stuff for you.
  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 503
    Did it come with a free first service? I think you might struggle with warranty claims for this kind of stuff if its missed it.

    Also i think that taking bits apart when they don't really need it is asking for trouble. I can't imagine that wheel bearings etc should need re greasing after only eight months use unless you often ride through axle deep puddles! Bearings and cables haven't been touched on my Stumpy in two years and they work fine.
  • FENNERFENNER Posts: 94

    I have attacked the shifter with GT85 but its made no differance, and to be honest I cant see where you can get lube into it? I'll take the cartridge bearings out and have a look at them later. Will the bearing cone be specific to this hub/spindle or are they a standard size ?


    Did come with first free service but after about 4 goes at booking it in with out halfords wanting to keep it for more that a day and mine and my mates both having bits fall off in the first few days I didn't bother :oops: Acording to them this didnt affect the warranty! So I may give them a call. I have done my wheel bearings a few times already and it is suprizing how much censored is in there! I only do the cables regular because its so easy to be honest! I'm in the wet and muddy fens as well :roll:

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