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Im after a bit of advice regarding the gears on my bike.

Im not very experienced at this so sorry if its a stupid question but when im pedalling my gears feel like they are jumping and grinding, is this something i should be able to fix myself or would it need a visit to a bike shop?

At present the bike isnt being used which is a waste with all this nice weather we are having.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, again sorry if daft question but if you dont ask you never learn! :oops:


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    i like the how to on parktools, a bit more MTB related but the principle is the same.

    have a read, linky in my sig.
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  • If it's a new bike, most likely the derailleur cables will have stretched a bit. That's usually easy to adjust. If you say what bike you have (and how long you had it, and the circumstances in which you see the problem, etc) most likely somebody around here will have one the same or similar, and be able to tell you exactly where to find the tension adjuster. It's usually on the derailleur body on modern bikes, but it's worth making sure before you start fiddling :)
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    Ok thanks for the help.

    My bike is a Cannondale which has Shimano 105 fitted to it.

    The bike is approx 12months old and the problems aoccur when im changing gears, now heres where i embarass myself with not being very knowledgable! it happens when im changing gear as i go from the larger cogs at the back down through them :oops: :oops:
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    Here for a video. It's not brilliant (your tension adjuster is probably on the frame down tube.) but it may help with the concepts.
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    Thats great thanks a lot, sorry if i seem an idiot just not very technical as yet.