New wheels for heavy riders circa £3-£600, advice please.

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when i started at this game i didnt realise how addictive it all could be! Have 3 scotts (2x CR 1's and a speedster). Havent got a TT specific bike (just using clip ons this year) but am doing some 10's and 25's, also sportives of varying distances plus just got my racing licence for some closed circuit races. Have upgraded my kit piece by piece but as i was 20 stone last year i never even considered sexy wheels. Have always ridden on mavic open pro 36 hole builds for durability, however, now im just under 16.5 stone the Kyserium Elites that came with the CR1 pro have just gone back on. Im now looking for a set of good quality racing wheels that i will buy after im sub 16 stone. Theres a lot around but i want low spinning weight and durability. Strength is very important. If anyone can give me any advice from a position of knowledge as apposed to expensive guesswork it would be very much appreciated.


  • Brian B
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    I am 13.5 stones and have two pairs of Mavic ES wheels and they have been over some pretty terrible roads and still bombproof(and crashproof). Still there are some very good others out there that fit the bill - Campag Euros are very good for the money and totally reliable and tough. Also Fulcrum 3s and 1s are very tough for the heavier of riders.
    Brian B.