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I shortly will be investing in a new steed and was wondering what the main differences were between the specialized roubiax and the tarmac (apart from the price and kit). Can anyone who owns either of these models give me their opinion. I live in the isle of wight and am looking for the best quality ride to handle our appauling roads if that helps...........................


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    I have a Roubaix and find it very comfortable. I have never ridden a tarmac but from what I have read it has more of a race geometry, its stiffer and therefore is not quite as relaxing to ride. That is not a critisism as its a great bike, depends on what your looking for I suppose.
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    If you have appalling roads, then you want the Roubaix. The Tarmac (I have one) is much stiffer and more race tuned than the Roubaix (which I don't have but have ridden several). What about a steel or ti frame though...? :idea: :wink:
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    steel or ti.......i'm open to suggestions around the £1200 price bracket..........
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    I have a Roubaix and I love it. It's a very comfortable bike that is still quick and chuckable.

    However, I bought mine over a Tarmac because I have a bad back so the more relaxed geometry is a must. If I had free choice, I'd probably go for the Tarmac - it won the recent C+ group test and was heralded as a competent racer that remained fairly comfy. It looks the nuts too!
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    I have a Roubaix as well and as evryone has said so far it has a relaxed geometry in comparison to the Tarmac> The tarmac is supposed to be stiffer too but i have to admit when I rode one i didn't notice a difference in the stiffness.

    for £1100 I think for a carbon frame it is unbeatable and you'll not get titanium for that price. On rough roads you will find it forgiving and you will immediatly notice the lack of vibration with the zert dampers in the forks and the bars

    I'd go for the Roubaix, but then I'm biased
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    If the roads are that bad, you clearly need this Bianchi!
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    Have you considered the Giant SCR C4(£1250) or C3(£1450) or TCR, they are basically the Giant version of the Roubaix and Tarmac respectively.

    I work with both Giant & Specialized and in all honesty at this price level would 100% recommend the Giant, better specification and better built (slightly better admittedly). That said, it comes down to personal choice ultimately.
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    Definitely Roubaix - super bike
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    Just to throw in my two-penny-worth, how about an Orbea Onix? Nice relaxed compact frame which rides nicely over the rough roads I have around here, but is still sporty enough to have some fun on. Go on be different 8)
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    I have a Roubaix pro '07 - as with some others, I chose it because of a back problem - the geometry gives you a slightly more upright riding position. My understanding is that all Roubaix models share the same geometry. It has worked for me - highly recommended.

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    many thanks for all your replies, it looks like the Roubaix is the winner, although I will check out the other options mentioned....... :lol: