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blimey its its a bit breezy

TheGreatGatsbyTheGreatGatsby Posts: 818
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just back from a four and a half hour complete slog in the wind. Its ridiculous it seems to be coming from everywhere and being out in the fens theres nowhere on course to hide from it you literally have to tense up and keep pedalling cos if you ease up you stop!

Anyone else having windy issues this am? (no comments about curries please, this is a family message board :wink: )



  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Yesterday on the Gran Fondo in Wales - I was on 39*27 on what seemed to me to be a flat road. I was still on my small ring descending. Apparently the wind was 30-50mph.

    I dont think I've ever ridden in wind like it before.
  • jellybellywmbjellybellywmb Posts: 1,379
    Yep, just done 40 mile loop with a head wind all the way, how does that happen!!!

    Gats you must of gone out at 4 am :shock:
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  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    Did a 50 yesterday morning and going out it was ok mainly down hill and flat, but coming back up hill and into the wind it was a real tough grind to get home
  • yeah was out at 4 again this morning getting the ride in. Pretty nuits really. did a 90miler yesterday and a 70 today. Not bad for the start f the week! Licky though cos now its hammering down as well!!

  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    On the windy side of breezy at 7. Out against, back with, is my usual rule - worked fine today! Seems to be stronger now ("I can't possibly carry on my slash and burn garden clearing task in this weather, can I dear?"). So I've re-tinkered with one of the fixeds....
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  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    My big tree came down in my back garden, threatened to smash the neighbour's conservatory. The very wonderful tree man came to the rescue just in time, now the insurance company reckons it's nothing to do with them. We'll see about that one.
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  • paulbriceypaulbricey Posts: 84
    I think there's been a major change in weather pattern. In the 12 years I lived in Stockport I can't remember ever so many days when the wind was against me ( blowing FROM the East/North East) going outbound as the past few months. It used to be true that prevailing wind was from West but it all seems to have reversed these days.....

    ....not only that but it's so blustery (is that a word ?). When you're hammering down from the Cat & Fiddle towards Macc the wind direction is all over the place (as am I !) & you just can't predict if it'll be a slog home into the wind or an assisted cruise home when you hit Cheshire Plain. ...

    ...worst thing is the constant wind noise is seriously piss*ng me off and I'm feeling more disorientated by it every trip...

    ..... or is it old age ?....
  • Ashley_RAshley_R Posts: 408
    How do you think I feel?

    Decided to make the most of the bank holiday weekend and go away on me bike, train to Aberystywth Friday, cycled back to Leicester over the next 3 days, never know headwinds like it, 220 miles all a complete slog with Sunday being torrential rain thrown in for good measure!!

    Typical the winds dropped today once I'm back at work!! :evil:
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  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    "It used to be true that prevailing wind was from West but it all seems to have reversed these days....."

    I've noticed that in Nottingham - Trent Valley hereabouts tends to channel wind into a westerly or an easterly. Most of this year, unlike the recent past, predominantly easterly.

    Mind you, the weather I mostly recall in Stockport (where I grew up) is smog! The conductor walking in front of the bus made for a slow journey!
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