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orange evo6 ex demo

mitchcumsteinmitchcumstein Posts: 8
edited June 2008 in MTB buying advice
Skyline cycles have these on sale for £450. Is this a good price, and would it be a good bike for a newbie to learn some skills?


  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    The Evo8 is out now, so it's been around

    What's the spec?

    It's only a good deal if it' fits and is the right bike for you

    Giving it Large
  • bigavebigave Posts: 48
    i have an orange evo6, gret bike for goin down the woods etc. the frame size is 19" i think and it has a reasonable spec. i may be selling it as its hardly been usd due to school and other commitments. let me know if your interested
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