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Track bike specifications?

OS 65OS 65 Posts: 415
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Hi There
Does Manchester and Meadowbank tracks had specific dimensions required for bikes?

I'd like to convert my winter fixed into a track bike but a friend thought I might need a bike with a high bottom bracket and short cranks.

Any Idea if there are minimum and maximum values for these at these tracks?


OS 65


  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    I've never seen specific specs published although I have heard of bikes being checked at Manchester in the past but if your BB height is 11.00" - 11.25" and your cranks are either 165 or 170 you won't get pedal strike on the banking.

    Before I got a dedicated track bike, I used to ride my '05 spec Langster at Newport with no problems and the dimensions on that are 11.125" BB and 170 cranks.

    HTH 8)
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  • OS 65OS 65 Posts: 415
    Thanks Eddy, I'll get my tape measure out!
    OS 65
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