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a question for all the road boys and girls - popped into my local decathlon store recently for some unrelated cycling gear and i was impressed by the SPORT 3 model retailing under £ 500 ...

i wonder what riders think of them? i never see then reviewed in the cycling press and why not?

it seems to have a good frame with campag mirage- i took it for a quick spin -out of sight of my mrs(my little girl was impressed i think!)

views would be grateful

thanking you


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    Good bikes ( 5 year warranty on the frames ) I've got a Sport 2S, cost me £125 in the January sale and after 2000 miles of daily use and abuse it's still going strong..

    * although mine is Shimano equipped, non of this Campag rubbish :wink:
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    i dont have a sport 3, but the sport 2 16S, cheap at 170 quid back in october(so high percentage is wet nasty miles on it), wish i had gone for a model or two above as mine was a double and my fitness is a bit crap for one of those :) plus icampag lol :)

    Cant see the spec of the sport 3, but on the 2, the brakes were lacking so switched them, brake blokes for one melted after some steep downhills that i was on the brakes hard, that bad that i almost went into the back of one of the guys i was riding with until i shouted "BAD BRAKES MOVE MOVE MOVE" lol, was amusing :) i only changed to tiagra brakes at about 400miles, dont another 1000+ on them and still a good amount of block left in comparison
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    I have had my Sport 3 now for a couple of months and have to say that I am really pleased with the way it handles. It is my first road bike and as yet I haven't tackled any serious climbing though as a heavy weight i think I will need to change the gearing.

    Friends who have had bikes for years have told me that the spec is very good for the price.

    At the moment I can honestly give the Sport 3 a thumbs up


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