wendover woods?

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hi folks,any of you bods go up to wendover woods at all?if so is it any good for singletrack?is aston still closed?you see im getting bored with swinley and wendover is nearer what with the cripplin cost of fuel and that! cheers :D


  • i went to wendover woods today,waste of time unless you got small kids,only allowed on the fire roads,hilly as hell and 2 quid to park! so went acroos t road and had a blinding afternoon at aston its open again whhoo whoo! bit rooty though so watch ya selves! HAVE FUN PEEPS :D
  • indysmith
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    Wendover woods can be quite good if you ignore the rules and tear it up down the footpaths. I like to play 'outrun the ranger'. However, 'dodge the children' seems like a bit of an irresponsible game, so go up while its quiet.
    There's better stuff to do in Wendover than Wendover woods though; Go up the high street and carry on across the bridge and there's Coombe hill. It's a good ride up that Bridleway, and even better down.