Etape Caledonia / question

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Hi All,

Having done this years Etape Caledonia I've just entered again for 2009 and booked a hotel in Pitlochry, not 20 miles away like I did last week :x

One question I have is why does this event get no mention at all on the Cyclosport website?? I just find that strange that almost everything else is on there, but no mention of this event????




  • ellieb
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    For what seems to be political reasons, they appear to be opposed to it. I don't understand the details
  • andy_wrx
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    I thought it was listed ? Dunno, can't get on it from work as the anti-spyware stuff rejects the whole site as dodgy.

    Certainly there's a thread on the forum on there about the closed roads protest, with much the same arguments as the thread on here.

    As ellib says though, too much politics.
  • vanleapo
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    I believe that consider the Etape Caledonia to be a race.

    Therefore they don't class it as a Sportive, and it doesn't get listed in their events section.
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  • ellieb
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    Out of interest, why do they consider it a race?