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My normal commute route takes me through one of the scarier bits of Bristol (not Old Market!)
It's known as the Cumberland Basin, it's a 40mph limit dual carriageway with several on and off slip roads meaning you get cars changing lane in very close proximity to you.
I tend to ride very defensively for the whole thing but still feel very vulnerable for the duration. (I ride it beginning to end, Long Ashton to the Hotwells road for those of you that know)

Anyway lately I've been eyeing up a change of route, the only thing that kept me from making this change is the 110m climb involved. I really wish I'd made the leap of faith sooner though, rather than the dual carriageway, the route goes through Ashton Park, up to the suspension bridge and then drops back down toward work. This morning I said hello to a woman walking her dog with not a car in sight when I'd normally be "clenched" as cars hurtle around me.

Took me 10 minutes longer to get to work but I think it's a small price to pay for the quieter route. Does anybody else go out of their way to go through pastures greener?
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    I like to mix my route up a bit, and usually a couple of times a week go through the Queens Park in edinburgh (the park with Arthurs Seat in it), which adds probably a couple of miles onto my journey, but is nice and green.

    Also, on my way home, I like to go over Arthurs Seat at least once a week.
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  • IMHO You have made the right decision.

    I could use a much faster on road route to the office, but use a bumpy sandy and sometimes muddy RUPP. I often see folk walking dogs or just out for an early constitutional, and we always exchange pleasantries. I see one chap regularly, I even know the names of the dogs.

    Much better than being in a car too.

    BTW 110m climb, is that the vertical distance, or the distance from start to finish?
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    Hi Dirk

    It's the vertical climb:-

    I'd normally go over the "Brunel way" bridge which crosses the river at little over 20ft above the water, the suspension bridge is somewhat higher


    You can see the level of the lower road in the distance behind the bridge on the extreme left of the picture.
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    depending on what bike I'm on and what time I set off I sometimes go through chorlton/sale water park and avoid the A56. the only real dangers that way are the men 'meeting each other' in the bushes and the dog poo :D
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    Sorry for resurrecting a thread just to boast, but I had an absolute flyer of a ride this morning.
    Set a PB for this new route that's only 5 minutes longer (51 minutes) than my PB for the older flatter shorter route.

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