One leg shorter than the other!

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Just been to see a physio about a knee pain to be told that my right leg is 1cm shorter than the other which might explain things. Has anyone else come across this problem and is it easily solved?

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  • richardjallen
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    Its possible to get shims to go under the cleats of your shoes - if you use clipless pedals that is.
  • dcab
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    when i was fitted for my bike i was asked if i had one leg longer than the other ?
    the guy fitting me had picked this up just looking at me sat on the bike ! ive never had any problems and was told i would probably just ride with my heel slightly higher ?
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  • Rich Hcp
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    My left leg is 20mm shorter than the right.

    It's a problem with a short tendon that I was born with.

    I have a build up on the heel of shoes I walk in.

    On the bikes (Road or MTB) I notice no difference.


    I never put the left foot down, it's not strong enough to hold me up or push off anyway so I set my bikes up to the longer right leg, I always put that one down.

    It works for me

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  • madturkey
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    My left leg is 1.4cm shorter than my right one - when the chiropractor measured it he said he'd never seen such a difference.

    I usually wear heel lifts but was advised by a physio not to wear them for exercise as it was stopping me from using my calf muscles (or something around there) fully. I've not really noticed any problem cycling but not really put in enough miles for long term problems to come out. If anything I get pain in my right knee!
  • I've one leg about 1cm shorter than the other and was starting to get knee problems when I upped the mileage. Physio said that I should do plenty of stretches (hamstring, calves and quads) because the long leg had, over the years, over-compensated for the imbalance resulting in the tendons and muscles pulling my foot inwards thus causing the knee pain. This cured the problem.