Shorts - Bib or Not??

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Just bought a road bike and looking to get some proper gear, in the way of clothes.

My main querie is to the advantage of bib shorts over standard lycra shorts?

Bib shorts fetch a higher price, so what's the advantage?

Thanks in advance....


  • tubby531
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    Definitely bib.These leave the stomach unrestricted,easier to breath and much more comfy.
    Standard shorts need a waist cord to keep them up,if you tie it too tight it digs in to you.
  • wakemalcolm
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    With one or two exceptions, the world seems to split into those who don't rate them and those who've tried them.

    The only potential downside is if your short size is out of proportion with your torso size as the fit tends to vary betwen brands. I have a pair of Giordanas that are a decent fit down below but the shortness of the straps takes me up an octave or 2 when I stand up.

    Now I've bibbed, I'd never go back.
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  • Another potential disadvantage is that (for me, at least) bib shorts make my back sweatier on hot days. But that's a small price to pay for the advantages, in my view.
  • Gussio
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    b-b-b-b-b-bib all the way
  • celbianchi
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    Bib everytime. When I first started cycling seriously about 12 years ago I had some waist shorts, When I tried bibs the waisted shorts never saw the light of day again.

    Bibs just sit better, are more comfortable (jn my opinion). Turn up at any race and you will not see a pair of waisted shorts on display.
  • gematkinson
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    iv been road cycling for commuting since january, and bought my first pair of bibs around a fortnight ago, they are soooo much better. you literally feel like you can just keep on riding for miles and miles. id highly recommend getting some! i know some places are very good with sale bibs, so shop around first and see what deals you can get.
  • jammieeeee
    jammieeeee Posts: 389
    so is it difficult getting the right size?

    I'm 6ft 6 and a 34 waist?

    What size should i be looking at?
  • Mog Uk
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    Do you like flashing you arse crack to the world... ?

    Yes = Normal Shorts..

    No = Bib Shorts..

    I thank you...
  • Siechotic
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    Add another recommendation for bibs from me.

    So much more comfortable than just shorts, and it doesn't matter if your jersey rides up at the back as the bib still covers your kidney area and stops the wind chill factor.

    Best to try various ones on to get the correct fit, as wakemalcolm says different manufacturers have different proportions of short/body sizes.
  • jammieeeee wrote:
    so is it difficult getting the right size?

    I'm 6ft 6 and a 34 waist?

    What size should i be looking at?

    XXXXXXX-huge :)

    I am 6'4" and have problems. They generally have a but of stretch in them so length is not as critical as it is for, say, a jacket. But you don't want to rely on the elasticity too much, in case you have to stand up suddenly ;)

    I generally go for the largest size on offer, whatever it happens to be. I've never ended up with anything I'm not tall enough for, to be honest.
  • MilesXC
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    Not sure if it's the way mine are designed but a definite downisde with my Bib's is going to the toilet.... have nearly been caught short many times lol. :oops:
  • Siechotic
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    I've got a pair of Assos bibs that are extremely elastic on the front, nice and tight when you're riding or stood up, but can be pulled all the way past your bits to enable a nearly normal wee style.

    I also have a pair of De Marchi bibs with a so called "comfort zip" at the front, the only issue with the zip is that it only comes down just below my belly button and the stretch isn't that fantastic, so I have to do the bending over forward, stretch your bits, flop it out, try not to get caught on the zip wee style. :shock:

    You could always wear your bibs on the outside of your jersey to enable easy access, but I think it'll look a bit strange.
  • scapaslow
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    Just bought my first pair of bibshorts after wearing waist shorts for years. The bibs are much much more comfortable all round.

    The only issue i've had after my first long ride in them is a very slight chafing which i never felt until i had a shower - is this the reason people use chamois cream?
  • Siechotic
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    I have used Chamois Cream on all my rides, apart from last weekend when I slept in and was in a rush to get out to meet my cycle buddies before they got fed up waiting.

    Upon returning from a 65 mile jaunt, stripping off and getting in the shower, I was shocked by how raw my perineum was. :shock:

    It felt like it was on fire when the water trickled down.

    Perhaps I've become de-climatised (is that a real word?) to the rubbing of the lycra by using the cream on all my previous rides.

    Never again will I venture out without a liberal spreading of cream to my nether regions. :wink:
  • Bib all the way...

    I wasn't sure about it at first and rode around with regular shorts for about 2 years. But once i'd gone to bib shorts i've never looked back - apart from on the turbo trainer when I get so hot I just ride in 'regular' shorts - and no jersey!
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  • wastelander
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    Bibs - everytime...except when I'm on the MTB and then it's cargos!
  • Jez mon
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    Bibs, although you probably didn't need to hear it again. They are just far more comfortable, it doesn't matter if they feel tight when you stand up because you don't buy them to walk around in, you buy them to ride in.
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  • northpole
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    I bought some standard Endura shorts recently, having used Assos bibs for quite some time. That'll teach me for being a cheap skate!

    No comparison, comfort-wise - the Assos are miles better. I had thought the Assos shoulder straps were a bit of a nuisance but the absence of an elasticated waist band easily off sets this minor demerit.

  • Slipknotjonny
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    Bibs are much better for playing WWF in........ and are without comparison for embarassing your teenage daughter in front of a new boyfriend.

    Highly recommended
  • thexvw
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    Bibs, especially if you have a bit of a stomach...
  • Mark Alexander
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    I used shorts until I tried a pair of bibs. They catch the crumbs well :lol:
    shorts dig in for me as long as the bibs have a high back then I wouldn't buy anything else. they're great even for us short people 8)

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  • jenster88
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    Anyone got the Adidas 'Flash' bib shorts? If so what are they like?
  • shoei
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    Picked up a pair of Bib shorts from Bike Treks yesterday. Not had chance to use em on the bike yet, but feel comfortable enough walking round in.
  • redddraggon
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    Bib Shorts/tights/three quarters FTW
    I like bikes...

  • bahzob
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    Guess I must be in minority. Been using Pearl Izumi Pro shorts happily for 2 years. Training more often so wanted another pair of shorts and got some Assos bibs and find them a lot more uncomfortable.
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  • Shadowduck
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    Very timely thread... I'm in the market for a good pair of shorts and have been pondering whether to go down the bib route.

    A few people have mentioned the lack of a waistband as the major advantage of bibs,. but I can't say I ever really notice the waistband on my current shorts (dhb Earnley) so I'm not sure if that'll make much difference in my case. I also don't have a problem with flashing my harris as they're quite high-waisted and don't seem to slip down. In fact the only reason I want a better pair is because the chamois is a bit lacking on extended rides!

    So, would I notice any advantage with bibs, or should I just get better short-shorts?
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