Clipped moment

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Couldn't get my feet out of my toeclips when wobbling at a junction. A very majestic slow topple over sideways onto elbow! :oops: I twisted my head up so as to protect m helmet. 8)

Well done Edinburgh drivers in marchmont at 3.50pm today, all of you stopped! But next time, please can a nice blonde lady come and see if Im okay, not the man with the 'tache? Thanks!


  • Have only done this once just after getting clipless pedals. Was trying to trackstand at a large crossroads with lights near the Welsh border. Toppled over to the left. It was early in the morning but there was one car behind me with a driver wetting himself laughing at me. Damage report: grazed elbow, bruised thigh and dented ego.
  • Belv
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    It's good that they stopped.
    How's the elbow?
  • Gussio
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    Ouch! It is a long way down from up there! Did the same thing at a junction last year, resulting in a bruised elbow and hip, ripped bar tape and a bent rear mech hanger. Naturally it was infront of onlookers :oops:

    Well done for protecting your lid :D